Tri-Core® Cervical Pillow Establishes Best Cervical Spine Alignment

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Tri-Core® Cervical Pillow Establishes Best Cervical Spine Alignment

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  • Promotes proper cervical curvature
  • Helps eliminate headaches and neck pain
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • #1 Choice in Cervical Pillows for over 20 years

The Tri-Core® is the most frequently ordered fiber cervical pillow, providing the best support and over time proving to be more durable at keeping its shape and support than other traditional pillows. Tri-Core’s trapezoid-shaped center provides great orthopedic benefits for back sleeping by restoring cervical curve through the built-in neck rolls and cradling mid-section to firmly support the head and neck. Side sleepers benefit from the firm, but comfortable side lobes which maintain the head and spine in a neutrally correct position.

Proper Cervical Curvature – your neck will thank you.
The Tri-Core® provides two different width neck rolls and a custom fit for different neck sizes.The side lobes are taller for side sleeper. This pillow is available in both firm or soft. The materials used in its construction include, high resiliency fiber which springs back when compressed for exceptional comfort and durability. The cotton blended cover is soft on the face and neck and is a breathable material. A standard pillowcase fits the standard size Tri-Core® and the midsize and petite Tri-Core® will leave some extra room. This is a tried and tested neck pleaser for more than two decades.


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